Amgala Temple - Invisible Airships LP

Amgala Temple - Invisible Airships LP

Amgana Temple

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Amgala Temple - Invisible Airships LP

Format: LP

Color: black vinyl


AMGALA TEMPLE's debut album was recorded at Oslo Konserthus and Amper Tone Studios, and was recorded in only a few days. As a document of their natural sound, the recordings remain untampered, resulting in a very honest display of their core sound.

This album is the first of a series of records that will be offered by AMGALA TEMPLE through Pekula Records, a record label set to document bold sounding, experimental and imaginative music from in and outside of Norway.

AMGALA TEMPLE is one of the most exciting musical projects to come out of this country in a long time, and we cannot wait to follow their rapid evolution as a band in the coming years.


Bosphorus 12:20
Avenue Amgala 7:02
Fleet Ballistic Missile Submarine 9:05
The Eccentric 6:04
Moon Palace 10:43

2018, Pekula Records


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