Aptera - "You Can´t Bury What Still Burns" LP


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Aptera - "You Can´t Bury What Still Burns" 

Format: LP

Color: black vinyl


In Greek mythology, APTERA was the site of the battle between the Sirens and the Muses, where the Sirens lost their wings and were cast into the sea. But this Berlin-based 4-piece is less a contest and more like a raucous party. Aptera sonically revamps this clash with a tasty tornado of doom, sludge, psych, thrash, classic metal, and punk. Joining the sirens and muses at the table are a coven of reanimated witch spirits and a gang of man-eating mermaids with a healthy appetite for destruction. Hailing from Italy, Belgium, the US, and Brazil, Aptera rose from the seas in 2018 to join forces in Berlin. With Michela Albizzati on guitars and vocals, Celia Paul (Arde) on bass and vocals, Sara Neidorf (ex-Brian Jonestown Massacre, Mellowdeath) on drums, and Renata Helm on guitar, Aptera’s lashing riffs and propulsive rhythms evoke elements of Messa, Mastodon, Windhand, Neurosis, and Black Sabbath. Weaving together contemporary and mythological tales of rebellion, revenge, and rising from the ashes, Aptera is a guttural cry, a battle call, a resurrection with wings of fire. After their self-titled EP (2019), they will release their LP “You Can’t Bury What Still Burns” via Ripple Music on June 17th, 2022.


A1 Voice of Thunder 4:40
A2 Selkies 4:50
A3 Mercury 4:44
A4 Unbearable Stain 4:24
B1 Cosmosis 4:10
B2 Days Of Void 3:46
B3 When The Police Murder 5:45
B4 Nepenthes 8:19

2022, Ripple Music

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