Black Rainbows - "Superskull" LP Magenta

Black Rainbows

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Black Rainbows - "Superskull"


Color: magenta vinyl


Allright!! 2023, Black Rainbows are back with 12 fresh, brand new tunes!

The new album sounds huge, with of a great deal of attention paid to the guitars in the recording, and it seems that the band has finally found the perfect balance and tone for their heavy super stoner sound!

This album gives you not only incredible heavy rock-stoner gems, but also: one space acoustic song, one super psychedelic suite and one melodic trippy ballad that adds a perfect mixture of what is sure to be the best album released by the band so far!

"Superkull" has been recorded by Fabio Sforza (the same producer of the last two recordings), in May 2022, and after much work and effort by the band in mixing and mastering, the album will see the light of day one year later.

The incredible artwork has been delivered by the brazilian artist Pedro Correa


Apocalypse March 5:02
Superhero Dopeproof 4:36
Children of Fire And Sacrifice 4:37
Cosmic Ride of The Crystal Skull 3:49
The Pilgrim Son 8:39
Till The Outerspace 3:30
Lone Wolf 5:15
King Snake 4:56
Desert Sun 5:51
All The Chaos Is Mine 4:47
Megalomania 4:23
Fire In The Sky 3:10

2023, Heavy Psych Sounds

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