Coogans Bluff - Balada LP Yellow

Coogans Bluff - Balada LP Yellow

Coogans Bluff

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Coogans Bluff - "Balada" LP

Format: LP

Color: yellow vinyl


They still exist, bands that refuse clear genre classifications and Spotify algorithms. And yet, what Coogans Bluff once began with stoner rock has long since become the spearhead of the retro universe, forcing bold comparisons: "Krautrock psychedelia" (Rolling Stone), "space'n'blues rock" (Schall Magazin) or "interplanetary hidden object" (Visions).
Coogans Bluff sums it all up with just one word: "Balada", the album title - a Portuguese-Brazilian expression that stands for the joy of playing, groove, carefree joie de vivre and unites everything in one word.


  1. Living In Danger

  2. Balada

  3. And Here I Stand

  4. Farewell

  5. If You Make It There

  6. Pipe & Pouch

  7. One More Time (Joe Jackson Cover)

  8. No One’s Brother

2024, Noisolution


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