Daily Thompson - "Live At Freak Valley Festival 2022" LP

Daily Thompson

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Daily Thompson - Live At Freak Valley Festival 2022

Format: LP (Limited Edition) + Poster

Color: black vinyl


Daily Thompson - Live At Freak Valley Festival 2022 - LP (Strictly limited Edition) plus Poster

Strictly limited edition. 600 copies. Vinyl only. With posters!
45 minutes of Daily Thompson live!
300 of them in stores, the rest on tour or in our mail order.
When gone then gone!!

After all the lockdowns and cancellations, it finally started again and DAILY THOMPSON played at the Freak Valley Festival 2022. Broadcast from ROCKAPALAST. A band in the mood to play and an audience in the mood to party. The recordings were then mixed and mastered in the States by Tony Reed (including Mos Generator).
Here as a limited vinyl edition, or as the young gentleman said so beautifully on stage. "Now for you, with us at the Freak Valley Festival, from beautiful Dooaadmund: Daily Thompson! Have fun!"

The three Ruhrpott children have been playing every club and festival for years, and it's getting bigger and bigger and better. And the last albums were also successes with fans and critics. All of that counts more than digital clicks, little hearts and followers and is probably “the real shit” in this scene.

Everyone who has seen them can confirm that they are a grandiose, hard rocking and extremely lovable and likeable band on stage. The new man behind the drums has done them good and adds more backing vocals, but also more punch, more groove, more variety. The machine is running and you can only make a live album if you can do it. And that's what the three have. (Nois-O-Lution)




She‘s So Cold
Cantaloupe Melon
Slow Me Down
Cosmic Cigar



2022, Nois-O-Lution

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