El Caco - "7" LP

El Caco - "7" LP

El Caco

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El Caco - "7"

Format: LP

Color: black vinyl


With 15 years of experience and a clenched fist, El Caco's (Spanish: thief) latest album simply titled "7" will hit the streets. The band, which has remained a trio since their beginning in 1998, has released almost a full shelf of records, with exponentially more successful results each time. They’ve got well over 70 songs on their repertoire, but restless as they are, another full album comes along.
El Caco's last release "Hatred, Love & Diagrams" scored great reviews from critics both outside and inside Norway. A very frequent comment regards the band's capability to stir up some old rock tricks to a new delicious soup of fresh and modern expressions, which we definitely can experience in their new album. About "7" the group can confidently share that "this is a record that will take you through an eclectic landscape and draw out a hunger in you never felt before" - a statement that matches the albums constating and crisp aesthetics.
On this album, El Caco has whipped a creamy cream of both rock & roll, grunge, and stoner rock in a manner worthy of the El Caco's only. As the band name states, they consistently steal from a good mix of the rock's essential elements and molds them together to a conglomerate of hyper-sleazy riffs, cowbells (shovels actually), distorted bass and a voice with an outstanding animus. However, behind all the heavy riffs and stringent drumlines there is a certain contemplation. Because of the extremely dry nature of the mix, all the musical elements become extremely transparent - alas, the album is a glass cannon. This strongly contributes to making Gjesti's baritone-riffs and Wallumrod's mathematically tight drums contrast and enhance Osa's expressive voice.
The recording was done in Bergen, more specifically in Earshot Studios mixed by Herbrand Larsen (Enslaved). They did the recordings with live accompaniment to give it an extra authentic vibe, "everything to make the mix closer to a live performance", the band states. The album consists of 8 songs and their first instrumental song ever is included. Some of the songs on "7" are super heavy rock n'roll, some lean more towards even heavier material, all of them really well thought through and played by exceptional musicians.



Curious 3:19
Sickness 3:24
Ambivalent 4:13
Reach Out 3:52
The Sliver Light 3:10
In Limbo 4:13
In Space All Huge Beasts Just Seem Tiny 3:40
Those Possessed 3:56

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