Kylesa - "Exhausting Fire" CD


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Kylesa - "Exhausting Fire"

Format: Compact Disc, Digipak


1 Crusher 4:55
2 Inward Debate 2:36
3 Moving Day 2:46
4 Lost And Confused 3:19
5 Shaping The Southern Sky 5:49
6 Falling 4:18
7 Night Drive 4:35
8 Blood Moon 4:37
9 Growing Roots 4:06
10 Out Of My Mind 3:26
11 Paranoid 4:41


KYLESA have returned as challenging and daring as ever on their seventh full length, 'Exhausting Fire’! Moving well beyond their trademark riffs, 'Exhausting Fire’ sees core founding members, Laura Pleasants and Phillip Cope, expanding and evolving. The dualism of Pleasants' versatile singing and Cope's shouted vocals melds perfectly with the constant change in sound. Shifting effortlessly from heavy hard rock riffs to punk-infused beats to even barren cold wave concoctions, 'Exhausting Fire’ sees KYLESA progressing in ways never thought possible and is undoubtedly one of the best records of 2015!

2015 Season of Mist Records

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