Cathedral - "In Memoriam" 2LP

Cathedral - "In Memoriam" 2LP


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Cathedral - "In Memoriam"
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Format: Double LP 
Color: black vinyl


As with a choice few truly great bands, the first self-financed cassette recording by Cathedral - made available in October 1990 - was a pioneering underground masterpiece in its own right; the sound of a young band exploring its newfound chemistry, finding confident variations on a flawless list of influences and cultivating a sound and style that would prove hugely inspirational throughout the 1990s and beyond, being a major influence on everyone from Electric Wizard through to Reverend Bizarre.
Where most demos are little more than a dry run for the first album, "In Memoriam" still has its own distinct and important identity in the Cathedral canon. The debut LP that followed, "Forest Of Equilibrium", has a sombre, devout, melodic and mystical grandeur all of its own - but 'In Memoriam' has a far murkier, earthier, more deathly intent. Creepy, cryptic and bowel-looseningly heavy, it represents the first time that the doom metal stylings of Trouble, Saint Vitus, Pentagram and Witchfinder General had been rendered in a new, more extreme metallic form. At the beginning of the new decade, it was really only Cathedral who were proud to assert the influence of true doom metal - a perennially unfashionable genre, but especially in a turn-of-the-decade metal scene so obsessed with speed, technicality, brutality and modernity.


In Memoriam
A1 Mourning Of A New Day
A2 Ebony Tears
B1 All Your Sins
B2 March

Live 1991
C1 Intro/Comiserating The Celebration
C2 Ebony Tears
D1 Neophytes For The Serpent Eve
D2 All Your Sins
D3 Mourning Of A New Day

1990 / 2015 Repress Rise Above Records

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