Kadavar - Kadavar The First Album Ltd. Anniversary Boxset


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Kadavar - Kadavar 

Format: Limited Edition 2LP (180g), CD, DVD

Box contents:

- Debut album (gatefold / 180 gr vinyl / red transparent vinyl)
- Bonus LP "Demos & Rarities" (picture disc)
- Photo book "The Early Days", 32 pages
- Bonus CD "The Original Demo
- DVD "Mammut Tiger Wolf" Documentary

Color: translucent red vinyl


First of all, let's get one thing out of the way: you can't get more Black Sabbath influence than that. Of course there are all the others, Led Zeppelin, Hawkwind, Witchfinder General, the important ones, the good ones, they're all there, and sometimes you forget that you're listening to a contemporary trio from Berlin. When you read it like that, you might fear that you might get bored listening to it, because you "already know this kind of thing" and "lots of people do it".

The great thing about Kadavar, however, is that the sound is realized with heaps of heart and soul. You can only play this kind of stuff at this level if you love this shit, man. Listening to it, we automatically get really long, straight hair, at least one moustache, but if you're not careful, it's a real one, and you suddenly have lots of big rings on both hands too. And fur collars and bell bottoms. The Ludwig drums sound so cool and dry because they are Ludwig drums, bass and guitar are largely on the same side (!) in the panorama, which is great fun with headphones. Grease on the left, fuzz on the right, everything booms and hums, lots of reverb on the nasty, doubled space vocals, you can fly away completely. Wonderful. The trio is well and crisply played together, it's sung by Wizards and Lucifer of course and Mountains, and how you can be so deep into the subject matter these days is actually not entirely clear to me, but I really like it! By the way, the guys are called Lindemann, Mammut and Tiger. No, I don't have any more special requests!

An Ossi, a Wessi and an Ösi meet. What may sound like the beginning of a somewhat tasteless joke can, in retrospect, be said without hesitation to be both the founding myth and the beginning of one of the most successful and exciting rock bands of our time. We're talking about Kadavar, the group that was founded in Berlin in 2010 and has climbed ever higher on the billboards of the world's biggest rock festivals over the last 15 years, playing in the same league as the biggest names in psychedelic and stoner rock. After an exhilarating ride, Kadavar are now on a par with the legends they themselves were influenced by and have become an institution. A success story, despite the decline of the music industry - and therefore all the more radiant. These are self-made men.

After being physically out of print for several years, the legendary debut album "Kadavar" is now being released for the first time as a box set and for the first time on the band's own label Robotor Records.

The box, limited to 500 copies in stores, contains the debut album in its original version with 6 songs on transparent red 180gr vinyl.
The bonus LP "Demos & Rarities" is released as picture vinyl, which uses images from the original master tape of the album in the artwork.
In addition to the demo recordings of the songs "Forgotten Past" and "Black Sun", the LP also includes the song "Tommorrow's Dead", which was previously only released on the vinyl compilation "10 Years 8MM Musik". The track "Living In Your Head" was the B-side of the single "Creature of the Demon" and "The Man I Shot" & "Broken Wings" were part of the split album with Aqua Nebula Oscillator "White Ring".
Now all these songs from the formative period of the debut album are being released together on vinyl for the first time.

The photo book "The Early Days" features a large selection of photos from the band's formative years and includes a text by writer and musician Hendrick Otremba.

The documentary "MammutTigerWolf" by director Irem Schwarz also provides previously unseen insights into the rehearsals, recordings and performances of the band Kadavar in their formative years and has never been released before.

The demo CD as part of the box was and is a must-have. 2010, Tiger, Lupus and Mammut record a few songs and burn them to CD. In the job center in Berlin, downstairs, in the little copy store, they copy the cover. They put a copy in the hands of every guy with long hair they met during this time: the first recordings of Kadavar. The CD was never re-produced or distributed in this form.
Now the CD is available again for this box set, in the original artwork. One time only.

With these components, the "Kadavar - The First Album (Ltd. Anniversary Boxset)" is a unique collection of contemporary documents that takes you back to the early years and the development phase of Kadavar's legendary debut album.


Album LP:
A1 All Our Thoughts
A2 Black Sun
A3 Forgotten Past

B1 Goddess Of Dawn
B2 Creature Of the Demon
B3 Purple Sage

Bonus LP (Picture Disc):
C1 Forgotten Past (Demo)
C2 Black Sun (Demo)
C3 Living In Your Head

D1 Tomorrow's Dead
D2 Broken Wings
D3 The Man I Shot

Demo CD:
1. Forgotten Past (Demo) 2. Black Sun (Demo)

"MammutTigerWolf" Documentary

2024, Robotor Records

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