Kanaan - Earthbound CD

Kanaan - Earthbound CD


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Kanaan - Earthbound 

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Like the sound of Kyuss attending jazz education, with a soundscape soaked in a sea of fuzz, instrumental power trio Kanaan is ready with their fourth studio album in as many years. The three busy musicians are everywhere on the Norwegian music scene during the day, as members of Mall Girl, Dauborn, JUNO, Vegard & Ivar Band and many more. An eclectic selection of bands that illustrate the talent and versatility of the musicians.

Where Canaan's previous albums have been jazz-oriented and psychedelic, with detours towards krautrock and improvisation, the new Earthbound is heavier than a fully loaded tanker. The stoner rock inspiration is obvious, but the album doesn't feel like a stylistic break from the previous records – rather, it's a natural continuation.

Inspired by bands like Colour Haze, Hawkwind, Elder, Motorpsycho and Acid Mothers Temple, Earthbound is full of surprising twists, beautiful and downbeat passages and masterful music. The album is a show of power from three extremely talented musicians, plowing their way through huge riffs and thunderous grooves.

In search of the perfect fusion of hard rock with psychedelic jazz rock, the band isolated themselves in Athletic Sound Studio in Halden, and worked around the clock to create Earthbound – a sonic quantum leap for the band in both heaviness and psychedelic extravagance, compared to the previous records.


1 Prelude
2 Return To The Tundrasphere
3 Pink Riff
4 Bourdon
5 Mirage
6 Mudbound
7 Crash
8 No Star Left Unturned

2022, Jansen Records

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