Motorpsycho - "Heavy Metal Fruit" 2LP Etched

Motorpsycho - "Heavy Metal Fruit" 2LP Etched


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Motorpsycho - "Heavy Metal Fruit"

Format: Double LP, Etching on side A

Color: black vinyl


The Norwegians crown their anniversary year with a second album.
Motorpsycho let the anniversary year 2009 end with another banger. 20 years after their foundation and only a few months after the release of their vinyl-only album "Child Of The Future", the Norwegians celebrate their birthday with another release. Recorded in the summer of 2009 and mastered just a few days before the start of their European fall 2009 tour, "Heavy Metal Fruit" is the logical musical successor to "Child Of The Future". "It is more expansive, the improvised parts are more strikingly elaborated, but at the same time looser and freer," the band said in an interview. "The songs themselves have more edgy heavy metal riffs, but also have nice melodies." And the vocals on this record are the best they've ever managed. Guest vocals included singer Hanne Hukkelberg. The album is released as a CD digipak and as a three-sided vinyl.


1. Starhammer (feat. The Electric Psalmon)
2. X-3 (Knuckleheads In Space) / The Getaway Special
3. The Bomb-Proof Roll and Beyond (for Arnie Hassle)
4. Close Your Eyes
5. W.B.A.T.
6. Gullible’s Travails (pt I-IV)
I. Eye All-Seeing
II. The Elementhaler
III. Circle
IV. Phoot’s Flower (a Burly Return)


2009, Stickman Records

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