Yawning Man - "Nomadic Pursuits" LP Green

Yawning Man

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Yawning Man - "Nomadic Pursuits"

Format: LP 

Color:  neon green vinyl


Nomadic Pursuits is the second Yawning Man studio album, released in 2010. With a five-year gap between the first album and this one, the band had time to further expand on their freeform desert sound.

Heavy Psych Sounds is now giving new life to this psychedelic gem with a new special edition!


A1 Camel Tow 5:02
A2 Sand Whip 6:54
A3 Far Off Adventure 8:28
A4 Blue Foam 6:42
B1 Ground Swell 6:16
B2 Camel Tow Too 5:00
B3 Laster Arte 4:28

2023, Heavy Psych Sounds

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