Lecherous Gaze - "On The Skids" LP

Lecherous Gaze - "On The Skids" LP

Lecherous Gaze

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Lecherous Gaze - "On The Skids" 

Format: 12" EP

Color: black vinyl


California's mighty LECHEROUS GAZE will release its debut full length album On the Skids on October 23 via Tee Pee Records. The follow up to the band's celebrated, self-titled EP was recorded in Oakland's Earhammer Studios (Ghoul, Saviours) and is an up-tempo firebomb of awesome riffage, wailing solos, '70s fuzz tone guitar and grade-A, no-bullshit rock 'n' roll. Featuring current or former members of ANNIHILATION TIME, SAVIOURS and WITCH, LECHEROUS GAZE play destructively nasty music for fiendish people!  


A1. Lyin'in The Road

A2. Scorpion

A3. Bagagazo

A4. Frustrated

A5. Born On a River

B1. Ravenous

B2. War Woman

B3. Passion Flower

B4. Lucifera

B5. The Grasp

B6. Redeemer

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