Daily Thompson - "Oumuamua" CD

Daily Thompson

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Daily Thompson - "Oumuamua"
Format: Compact Disc, digisleeve with 8-page booklet


Their fourth album, the first on Noisolution.
A band that has established itself over the years and has earned its place in the international alternative rock and stoner-psyche scene.
If you read old reviews, you will find the band in other drawers. Indie-inspired guitar-based noise rock. Desert blues. Fuzzrock, stoner, space or hard rock.
The fact that this band has quality and has become a fixture in the alternative rock scene has long been carved in Stone (r). There was adulation from all sides. Their new album brings the tried and tested mix of the trio and surprises with new strengths. In addition to their sophisticated songwriting and a feeling for sounds, the band is increasingly distinguishing the "double lead vocals" and since "female vocals" of this degree of severity are rare enough in rock, this is another unique selling point.
1 She's So Cold  
2 Sad Frank  
3 On My Mind  
4 Slow Me Down  
5 Half Thompson  
6 Cosmic Cigar (Oumuamua)  
7 River Of A Ghost (Unplugged)

2020 Noisolution Records

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