Pentagram - "Relentless" LP

Pentagram - "Relentless" LP


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Pentagram - "Relentless"

Format: LP, gatefold, 180 g

Color: black vinyl


Starting life in the early 1970s, US band Pentagram are one of the most enduring underground bands in heavy metal history. Influenced by British bands The Groundhogs and Black Sabbath, their own take on Doom Metal has subsequently influenced everyone from Paradise Lost to Cathedral. The band continue to tour and impress to this day, and though the band line-up has changed many times over the years, enigmatic vocalist Bobby Liebling remains at the helm, with Pentagram now widely-regarded as a true cult band with a fan-base transcending whole generations.
"Relentless" was the band's debut album, and was originally self-released in 1985 as 'Pentagram' - later to be renamed & released by Peaceville in 1993, after a long search for a suitable record label.
The vinyl edition comes on 180gsm vinyl in a deluxe gatefold outer sleeve.


Side A
1. Death Row 
2. All Your Sins 
3. Sign Of The Wolf 
4. The Ghoul 
5. Relentless 
Side B
1. Run My Course 
2. Sinister 
3. The Deist 
4. You're Lost I'm Free 
5. Dying World
6. 20 Buck Spin

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