Psychlona - "Venus Skytrip" LP

Psychlona - "Venus Skytrip" LP


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Psychlona - "Venus Skytrip"

Format: LP

Color: black vinyl

Label: Blues Funeral, 2022


From the space-driven "Blast Off" to the kicky and cowbell-loving energy of "Star," Psychlona pack a massive punch and sense of cool throughout their sophomore album. Available to worldwide retail for the first time since its 2020 release, this new edition is a start to finish slab of irresistible grooves and chunky, desert-worshipping anthems, and a one-way ticket to fuzz-fueled cosmic bliss.


1. Blast Off
2. 10000 Volts
3. Blow
4. Star
5. Edge of the Universe
6. Resin
7. Tijuana
8. The Owl

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