Samsara Blues Experiment - "Revelation & Mystery" LP

Samsara Blues Experiment - "Revelation & Mystery" LP

Samsara Blues Experiment

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Samsara Blues Experiment - "Revelation & Mystery" 

Format: LP

Color: black vinyl


Fulminant, diverse and truly massive is the performance of the Berlin heavy-psychedelic quartet Samsara Blues Experiment (SBE) on their second album "Revelation & Mystery". The successor of their cult debut album "Long Distance Trip" (WIS-3010) was kept more compact and tightly arranged without having lost the bands enthusiasm, originality and passion for each note. On their quest for perfection SBE created a guitar-driven masterpiece, containing 7 songs in 47 minutes with no weak moments. The spectrum of this musical journey ranges from grim 70s to early 80s Heavy / Space Metal roots to Classic Rock with flashes of Progressive Blues and the spherical sitar sounds of the 12 minute final blast and title track that will make you float to a blissful nirvana! The album was decorated with great artwork by the exceptional Russian artist Oleg Korolev and will blow your mind with its fat analogue sound and, most of all, a timeless, epic and hefty dose of energy that leaves no questions unanswered! Not an insider tip anymore, this is a MUST-HAVE for all heavy and psychedelic maniacs!



A1 Flipside Apocalypse  
A2 Hangin' On The Wire  
A3 Into The Black  
A4 Thirsty Moon  
B1 Outside Insight Blues  
B2 Zwei Schatten Im Schatten  
B3 Revelation & Mystery
Samsara Blues Experiment / World in Sound Records, 2011.

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