Kylesa - "Spiral Shadow" CD

Kylesa - "Spiral Shadow" CD


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Kylesa - "Spiral Shadow"

Format: Compact Disc


Tired Climb 3:31
Cheating Synergy 2:52
Drop Out 4:29
Crowded Road 3:30
Don't Look Back 3:21
Distance Closing In 3:51
To Forget 3:33
Forsaken 3:42
Spiral Shadow 5:13
Back And Forth 2:33
Dust 3:45


The stellar return of one of the heaviest indie rock bands! KYLESA deliver with “Spiral Shadow” a mosaic of amazing audio atmospheres. While remaining melodic and musical, huge, heavy, hypnotic waves wash over the listener.

2010 Season of Mist Records

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