Motorpsycho - "The All is One" 2LP + art print + download code


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Motorpsycho "The All Is One"

Format: 2LP in deluxe, heavy-duty 10-panel fold out packaging,  180gr. vinyl + art print + download code

Color: black vinyl


The All Is One is the final chapter in the loosely-connected and informally titled “Gullvåg Trilogy” kicked off by 2017’s The Tower and connected by 2019’s The Crucible. A sprawling, ambitious work that is immediately accessible and yet challenging, Motorpsycho’s newest record draws on elements from their entire career while charting new territory at the same time.
01. The All Is One
02. The Same Old Rock (One Must Imagine Sisyphus Happy)
03. The Magpie
04. Delusion (The Reign of Humbug)
05. N.O.X. I: Circles Around the Sun pt.1
06. N.O.X. II: Ouroboros (Strange Loop )
07. N.O.X. III: Ascension
08. N.O.X. IV: Night of Pan
09. N.O.X. V: Circles Around the Sun pt.2
10. A Little Light
11. Dreams of Fancy
12. The Dowser
13. Like Chrome


2020, Psychobabble 112 / Stickman Records

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