The Picturebooks - "The Early Years" 2LP

The Picturebooks

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The Picturebooks - "The Early Years"
Format: Double LP, gatefold cover, 28 page 12" booklet, 4 unreleased bonus tracks 
Color: black vinyl
The Picturebooks: "Before we were a two-piece we had a third member and brought out two albums. He left us and we became what you now know as THE PICTUREBOOKS. Still, these early songs are awesome and we are so happy to announce the release of both of these albums ("List Of People To Kill" and "Artificial Tears") on vinyl!!! To make it as good as possible, we added four unreleased songs and a 28-page, 12" booklet!!! This double vinyl release comes in a super cool gatefold cover!"
(List of People To Kill)
On The Go                                           
List Of People To Kill                          
Bloody Lies                                                    
Prince Trafficlight                               
Take It!                                               
Les Chats Noir                                     
You Can Not Make It right                                 
Simple Solution                                   
20th Century Boy / Bonus               
Push / Bonus
(Artificial Tears)
I Put A Spell On You                           
Twisted Truth / Misleaded Youth           
I´m Drawing Hearts On Your Jeans        
Running Out Of Problems                     
Sensitive Feelings All Electric               
Dance Tiger Dance                               
Kiss Me Goodbye                                
Finders / Keepers                                
Artificial Tears                                     
Personality Grown On A Tree               
The Phone Won´t Ring For You Tonight
Secret Keeper / Bonus                                   
Killher / Bonus
2020 Noisolution

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