The Re-Stoned - "Stories Of The Astral Lizard Vol. 2" Col. LP

The Re-Stoned - "Stories Of The Astral Lizard Vol. 2" Col. LP

The Re-Stoned

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The Re-Stoned - "Stories Of The Astral Lizard Vol. 2"

Format: LP

Color: transparent orange vinyl


In J.R.R.Tolkien's "The Lord of the Rings" Gandalf says "A wizard is never late, nor is he early. He arrives precisely when he means to." So, rephrasing the classic quote I can say that "The Lizard is never late, nor is it early. It arrives precisely when it means to." Which is the particular case with our new album. Despite the fact that the sad reality made some unfortunate, sometimes even stressful corrections in our plans, album is ready and I hope that you won't be disappointed waiting for so long. The 11 tracks double album "Stories of the Astral Lizard v.2" is going to be released on vinyl in 20th May 2022 at Kozmik Artifactz, the CD version - at Qiasum Music (QIA3011). We promise to take you to another journey through the stories of the Astral Lizard, but are you ready to travel?

Astral Lizard Stories.

The idea to make a whole "not too heavy" album for the band which despite all the psychedelic vibes sounds mostly heavy was attractive but at the same time a bit scary to me. In 2015 a 2 days-long session was recorded in my home studio which later became the album Stories of The Astral Lizard released in 2018.

That album for me became a kind of a corner stone for while making it I obtained a real artistic freedom inside not influenced by any cliche of other people's opinion as well as a true belief in myself. In the process I was a witness to many coincidences and even revelations one of which happened when I met a brilliant artist Alexander Zhelonkin who have been doing cover art for many of our albums since. I will never forget that strong impact I experienced when being at his place I saw his painting of a lizard which later became an album cover art.

The acoustic guitar has always been a foundation instrument for me. I started playing guitar with an acoustic and later spent many days learning classical acoustic guitar. Classic guitar and Led Zeppelin folk elements (their use of mandolin in particular) was a huge source of inspiration as well. I consider the acoustic segment to a certain extend as a binding thread for all The Re-Stoned albums.

The sessions participation of my old friend and shaman from Siberia Evgeniy Tkachev Zhenya RaZputin (almost a permanent member of the band recording percussion on all our albums) normally affects the whole artistic process and myself in a very positive way. I could never imagine how many people felt happy listening to 'Stories of The Astral Lizard' and that fact I can call a true miracle.

Years after people told me that they gave birth, found peace and tranquility, got some interesting psychedelic experience, did yoga excersises and soul searching while listening to this music. It seems that the absence of the 'heavy rock' elements in sound made this album more accessible for wider audience, however I can say while doing the album I've never planned anything ahead, just did what was on my mind every particular moment.

So, after almost 6 years passed we start feeling the same vibrations like saying "isn't it the right time to do such kind of jam again to see how much progress we made since then?" In February 2020 Evgeniy Zhenya RaZputin finally made it to Moscow from distant Siberia with his good old djembe drum and we were lucky enough to record a lot of new material in 4 days.

- Ilya Lipkin


A1 Spheres 6:39
A2 The Fourth Astral Projection 8:35
A3 Lucid Dream 10:15
B1 A Legend of Transparent Flowers 7:42
B2 Astral Realm 7:42
B3 Liquid Spores 7:57
C1 They Appear at Night 12:15
C2 Fluorescent Essence 7:50
C3 Gift of the Lizard 3:16
D1 Green Neon 7:32
D2 Where Does This Road Go 14:42

2022, Kozmik Artifacts


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