Zodiac - "Sonic Child" CD

Zodiac - "Sonic Child" CD


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Zodiac - "Sonic Child" 

Format: CD, digipack


3rd Full-Lenght Album from the German Blues Rockers

This is Rock music as it could hardly be more pure and multi-faceted.  The new album Sonic Child by ZODIAC could neither assign to a specific era of music history nor a narrow-minded specified style. The songs on Sonic Child are traditional and versatile, have strong riffs and driving drums, are affected by a well-tempered influence of  the blues, with a carefully selected degree of hardness at any time. Frontman Nick van Delft is the focus of the enjoyable hustle and bustle, telling of little adventures and grand gestures. Some of it seems to be located in the desert of Arizona ('Penny And The Dead Horse `), whereas others seems to be in the cotton fields on the banks of the Mississippi River (' Rock Bottom Blues`). ZODIAC showcases the best statement on their artistic visions at the very end: 'Just Music'. Yes, that's the point here & nothing else!


1-01 Intro - Who I Am 3:30
1-02 Swinging On The Run 6:14
1-03 Sonic Child 3:02
1-04 Holding On 4:03
1-05 Sad Song 3:48
1-06 Out Of The City 4:52
1-07 A Penny And A Dead Horse 7:10
1-08 Good Times 4:22
1-09 Rock Bottom Blues 9:14
1-10 Just Music 6:12

2014, Napalm Records

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